About Nkwanta North District Assembly

The Nkwanta North District is one of the newly created districts carved out of the Nkwanta District by L1 1846 and inaugurated in February 29, 2008. The capital of the district is Kpassa, which is about 270 km from Ho, the Regional capital. The District is located in the north Eastern part of the Volta Region and lies between latitude 00301N and 80451E and latitude 70301N and 80451N. It shares common boundaries with the Nanumba South district to the north, Nkwanta South district to the south, Republic of Togo to the East, and Kpandai district to the west. The district has a total land surface area of approximately 1510 km2 (about 7.13%) of the total land area of the Volta Region.

Based on the 2000 population and housing census (60,517) and population growth rate of 3.0%. The current population is estimated to be at 78,672. The district is unique because it has several potentials. Generally, the district experiences prolong m perennial rainfall season from May to October suitable for crop production. The annual rainfall figures ranges between 922mm and 1,874 mm Agriculture is the main economic activity which employs about80% of the inhabitants.

The major crops grown are: yam, cassava maize groundnuts cowpea and rice.

The district equally has large expanse of grassland suitable for animal production. It has large volume of perennial water in the river Ota from which fishing is carried out and can also be used for all season irrigation. Labour force is readily available for farming activities.

Health care facilities are also available to attend any illness and or patient.