Business Operating Permit (BOP)

Checklist for processing a Business Operating Permit

  • Write an application or introductory letter to the Metropolitan Chief Executive stating the Name of Business, Type of Business and Location of Business.
  • Add all relevant documents (Certificate to Commence Business, Certificate of incorporation etc .if any)
  • Cross check of the relevant documents with the Registrar General Department and other issuing authority like the Bank of Ghana for financial institutions.
  • Inspection of office premises if necessary.
  • A bill is generated and served on the applicant with reference to the Local Government Act (Act 462) sections 34, 78, 94, 98 and also in accordance with the Fee Fixing Resolution of the Nkwanta North District Assembly depending on the type and location of the business.
  • A Receipt and a Certificate are issued after payment.
  • The Certificate is renewable yearly.

Temporary Permit

  • An applicant receives a Temporary permit that last for 90 days immediately after producing the above requirement.
  • During this period, the Assembly does its due diligence, background checks and processing in order to generate a Permanent permit for the Applicant.
  • The Internal process include the following steps tabled below;


Pursuant to the Nkwanta North District Assembly, anyone or organization planning to operate a business or practice as a whole must first try to obtain an operating license to establish the business' legal status. Applications for this license are submitted to the district assembly's Revenue Unit.


Additionally, any changes to a company's name or closure should be reported to the same organization so that we can update our data in time for future decisions. An operating license cannot be transferred, so please be aware of that. A license agreement is deemed terminated upon transfer of ownership. Additionally, a new company cannot use an existing company's license.


At the end of each year, businesses in the district must renew their business operating permits. The same process you went through to apply for the operating license can be used to renew it.